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Digital eye strain in 2019: Problems, causes, and possible solutions

We Americans spend 42% of our hours awake connected to devices, a figure trending upwards over the past five years. Sound startling? It is—studies show that this increased digital time may be responsible for the recent rise in myopia and other visual impairments across the population. Is there anything we can do to prevent this? Perhaps more importantly, are such…

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Eugenics, intelligence, and superiority: How quantifying human value created a history of invisible violence

Author’s note: This post is the third part of a series discussing ideas from Gods of the Upper Air: How a Circle of Renegade Anthropologists Reinvented Race, Sex, and Gender in the Twentieth Century. To read the previous post, click here. Human intelligence and creativity are truly amazing phenomena, unique to us among billions of species. Indeed, these two traits…

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