Public Health

How social distancing affects a social species: A survey-based study of high school students

Public health experts have concluded that coronavirus is one of the greatest threats of this century. In the last month, our cities have transformed from busy hubs of commerce and activity into ghost towns. It’s clear that the world will be impacted by this pandemic for many years to come. Yet, paralleling the havoc outside, this chaos has impacted our…

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Social Determinants of Health

Moving beyond medicine: Using the social determinants of health to address public health disparities

Author’s note: This is the first post in a series in which I’ll write about international public health disparities and societal factors contributing to public health. In these posts, I’ll delve into my journey into the field of public health, specifically focusing on eye care/visual impairments in underprivileged communities, while describing my experiences along the way. Although the traditional approach…

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