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Announcing our new app to combat the spread of COVID-19!

Millions of people have been infected by COVID-19, and tens of thousands have lost their lives. To combat its spread, we all must take informed decisions to protect ourselves at every level.

At Anthro Analyst, we believe the best way to contain the virus is by spreading awareness about the virus and educating others on what precautions to take. While those in developed countries may have ready access to up-to-date information and protection guidelines, in the developing world and in infrastructure-limited regions, misinformation and a lack of awareness can be common, unfortunately. As a result, having an accurate and up-to-date source of information is of an utmost need.

In order to bridge this health divide, over the past month, we’ve developed an app specifically for our users in India in order to bridge this health divide. Because our target audience is India, the first version of the app has been made for Android. The app is called CoronaRaksha, as raksha is Hindi for protection.

This app is completely free, does not collect any personal information, and is fully functional offline.

Screenshots from the app:

What you can do with CoronaRaksha?

  • Take a self checkup to assess your COVID-19 risk.
  • Learn about COVID-19 through detailed, in-depth information pages.
  • Access a hub that takes you to up-to-date regional information sources.
  1. Offline availability—As an Internet connection may not be available in rural regions, the app is fully functional offline.
  2. Translations—Full, in-app translations are currently available in 3 languages (English, Hindi / हिन्दी, and Marathi / मराठी) for non-English speakers. Our translations have been reviewed for accuracy by native speakers in each language.
  3. Device compatibility—The app uses legacy Android features available on almost 99.4% of all running Android devices. As people in underserved regions may not have the latest Android phone models, the app’s compatibility with older devices allows it to be useful in these areas, reaching its target audience.

And of course, the app offers an amazing user experience with sleek GUI.

Because the Google Play Store is currently not accepting third-party COVID-19 apps, we are unfortunately unable to distribute our app through this platform. Hence, you can either download our app on your Android device here or download it from a third-party app store.

  1. Go into Settings > Security. Enable the option “Install apps from unknown sources“. Confirm the warning by clicking OK.
  2. Open this Anthro Analyst page on your Android device (if you’re not already on your device).
  3. Once on your Android device, tap and hold this link, and then select “Download link”. Tap and hold HERE to download the app installer.
  4. Open the APK file to install the CoronaRaksha app.
  5. Enjoy the app!

We are currently working with third-party app stores to publish our app there as well. This is currently a work in progress, and we will update this section of this post when we are ready. In the meantime, to install our app, please follow the Direct Download instructions.

We hope our app is of use to you. Stay safe and take care!

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