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Having conversations about health: Public health disparities on the Pine Ridge Native reservation

Indigenous communities have suffered for centuries at the hands of colonialism, and their isolation on reservations has affected their health and well-being in a myriad of ways. In this post, I’ll discuss the public health situation at one reservation in particular: Pine Ridge.

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Paula Sibal, a staff member at Re-Member who is passionate about bringing public awareness to issues faced by Indigenous communities. As I learned, many public health disparities are either ignored or worsened by the federal government—a logic of strategic elimination that is part-and-parcel of settler colonialism, very much alive today. In writing this post, I recognize that merely shedding light on this issue is not enough; tangible actions must follow. By sharing an account of a few of the injustices experienced by Pine Ridge, I hope to encourage readers, in whatever ways they can, to remedy this.