Investigating COVID-19 health disparities in Indigenous communities [Podcast]

Author’s note: At Anthro Analyst, we often analyze societal issues about public health from an anthropological perspective. In doing so, we try to provide unique insight into global public health trends and offer unique commentary from the perspective of high-school students. This is the second episode of our podcast which provides us a great platform to discuss anthropological ideas in a format easy to digest. Feel free to follow our podcasts on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Anchor to stay up to date with our series!

The settler colonial logic of elimination lives on in America. Due to systemic disparities in water, housing, food, and wealth, Indigenous communities are experiencing the COVID-19 crisis worse than the rest of the country. In this podcast, Soham Govande and Durjay Trehan explore how culture and religion have affected, and been affected by, our response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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5 thoughts on “Investigating COVID-19 health disparities in Indigenous communities [Podcast]

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I really appreciate it. This is an important thing to draw attention to in relation to COVID-19.

  2. I was listening to public radio and they did a piece on this. Overall medical care is not good for indigenous people. I am genuinely curious however…..don’t people living on reservations have their own medical facilities? I was under the impression reservations were autonomous. Like have their own police force and such, and even the law doesn’t apply the same. To be clear I think they should have access to medical and emergency services outside a reservation. They should get whatever social services they need. I do think however it’s a little inaccurate for people who want to provide and have their own social services cry racism and injustice for having inferior medical. Like…’s your system, you made it.

      1. Yeah, probably. It’s not a topic I know many details about. Someone who knows the ins and outside of reservations would have to enlighten me. I’m just going off what I currently know of it.

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