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In 2021, global health disparities continue to be incredibly pressing: from nutrition to disease to physical impairments, people from underprivileged backgrounds are disproportionately impacted by them. How can we mitigate these inequities? This book explores how the social determinants of health, lying at the intersection of anthropology and public health, can be used to more comprehensively address social issues.

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“This book is truly an insightful exploration into the cross section of anthropology and public health. It provides detailed analysis of social causes which result in the many health disparities we experience in vision care on a global scale. While flipping through these pages, I was refreshingly reminded of why I entered the field of vision care in the first place. I highly recommend it to those looking to broaden their perspective on issues that we need to approach in a more organized manner.”
Dr. Maria Pribis, Founder of OcularPrime

“This book explores public health issues looking through the lens of anthropology. It delves deeply into the social causes behind health disparities in vision care, providing analysis and insight in both national and international settings. A thought provoking read!
—Dr. Madhavi Reddy, Ophthalmologist at SEE International