Public Health

Developing OcularCheck, an app that detects visual refractive errors: Sharing my story of vision care (pt. 2)

My visit to the Lions Sight Research Foundation’s eye clinic (read more here) “opened my eyes” to the world of visual impairments. Although I’d experienced my own visual impairment as a personal reality, I didn’t notice that it occurred on a much larger scale until witnessing this firsthand at the eye clinic. From the stream of patients waiting at the…

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Social Determinants of Health

Why I’m passionate about medical anthropology and public health: Sharing my story of vision care (pt. 1)

In 3rd grade, my math class was playing Around the World—a game where whoever solves a multiplication problem the fastest can go “around” the classroom—to help us memorize our times tables. Every time it was my turn, I stood up, but I was never able to answer.  What numbers is everyone looking at? Why can’t I see them? I thought.…

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